ESS is applicable on wherever electric power is used
and able to segment such as Residential and C&I and Utility cases depending on the environment of use.
And, depending on the purpose of use, it can be utilized for such as a public purpose and also electric consuming itself.

Use cases for dominant application

Load Leveling (Schedule)

ESS is applicable in case of TOU segment on electric
market and able to save electricity
by charging at low rate and discharge at peak rate.

Backup Power

When power outage happens,
minimize the damage and loses
by self generating the electric power thru ESS.

Peak Cut

Basic charge rate will be increased if the
event of peak power consumption,
so if target power is in the range of control and
management by ESS then come to save electricity bills.

Integration with Renewable Sources

ESS is applicable for compensating the instability of
power generation by PV or Wind-turbine,
and ESS can stabilize grid power by discharging at
it`s convenience once ESS is charged.

Electric Market

Frequency Regulation

In connection with Power Exchange in Korea, ESS is now applicable for following AGC signal according to the grid frequency fluctuation.
ESS is capable of responding to RegD signal (Aggressive signal) because it can perform fast response and is the most effective technology to cope with frequency fluctuation.

Demand Response(DR) Market

Utilizing ESS in electric market that can compensates for the reduction of electric consumption in factories, large marts and buildings, etc..
Which has high demand for electric power, also known as Negawatt Market, responding to the electric power reduction orders from DR operator is able to achieve that no need to reduce the electric power and earn profits as a member of Negawatt market.




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