Battery 2nd Life ESS
Modulized ESS

(ESS Data Recorder)

EDR stands for ‘ESS Data Recorder', it provides a user-centric energy management solution
that can operate with a variety of distributed power and electric vehicle chargers,
by understanding the power usage of energy use facilities and by analyzing the most
appropriate driving methods in real time.
EDR is mirrored and stores or reads the current status values,
commands executed and error conditions of the communicative facilities connected
to the ESS system at a distance that is isolated from the ESS installation ,such as the vehicle’s Black Box.
EDR also collects information from various sensors and provides optimal conditions for operation,
and alerts users to possible accidents and allows them to control their facilities.

KCSG has been in the ESS industry since 2011 and has accumulated experience and technology
to enable elemental data and analysis.
In addition, through collaboration of three professional companies, including state-run companies,
we provide a time chart to identify the cause of
the accident using stored information to help unsure a smooth investigation.




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